Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween wouldn't be complete without our annual costume contest and we're making it bigger and better than ever! This year's grand prize winner will receive a $10,000 gift card from HomeGoods. All you have to do is show up here at our studio dressed in a costume to be eligible.

Our studio is located on the corner of 67th street and Columbus Avenue in New York City.
Show up by 8am on Halloween Day, Monday, October 31st for a chance to win.
Address: 149 Columbus Ave at West 67th street
Line up outside our studio in your best costume ever, arrive by 8am.

Click Here for the Official Rules.

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Kids of LIVE Halloween Fashion Show

Emma as Lady Gaga & Eva as Katy Perry

• Emma has a on a body suit, a little shrug, and fishnet stockings.
• She is wearing regular boots with duct tape.
• The key thing for this costume is the wig and the Christmas Ornament in her hair.

• Eva has spray-painted hair red, a Geisha dress, jelly shoes, and an umbrella.

Luke as The Beheaded & Caden as Super Caden

• To make this costume at home, use a cardboard box that's a few feet high the same width as your child; cut eye and arm holes at the bottom half of the box, have the box extend up from your child's head; use a painted circular take-out container for a neck.
• Place a black robe over the box with the neck sticking out of the top.
• Have the child's head stick out of the robe, here you can see we've used lots of make up to achieve Luke's bloody look.

• Instead of being Batman or Superman, here we have Super Caden.
• We've used Stitch Witchery, a fusible iron-on tape to adhere a large "C" to the back of a red cape.
• We've also made a simple red mask using a strip of red Lycra fabric and cut eyeholes in it.
• For his costume, we've embellished the arm, feet, and belly of a yellow one-piece pajama set using more red and gold fabric.

Logan as The Monopoly Man & Amanda as Candyland Girl

• This round old man in a top hat is very simple to recreate using a navy suit coat your child may already own, or finding one from a local thrift store.
• We've added a white shirt and grey pants, a top hat, wood cane, red bow tie, and white gloves.
• To dress it up, we've attached old Monopoly cards and game pieces to a red silk sash, and attached more cards to his hat.

• Using a pink princess dress for the costume base, we've attached gumdrops, a large peppermint (which is actually a Christmas ornament) and Candy Land game cards.
• We've made a matching crown using sparkly silver fabric and a piece of the game box attached to cardboard backing; we've adhered gingerbread game pieces to the top of the crown.

• For a fun, whimsical element, we've added red and white stripe tights (like peppermint sticks) and red fingerless gloves, a pink cotton-candy like wig and sparkly silver shoes.
• You can even paint round, circular wings to look like lollipops, as we've done here.
•Both costumes have game-board trick-or-treat bags, which are super-easy to make, cut pieces of old games and attach with a hot glue gun to shopping bags.

Jamie & Misha as Nerds

• Hike up those khaki pants and pair with converse shoes, and a plaid shirt.
• Or wear a plaid skirt and a white shirt.
• Put on a pair of glasses on with tape on them.
• The magic is in the detail with the encyclopedia and the calculator.

Grant & Tyler as Old Hollywood

• Tyler is wearing a dress and hat that can be found at a flea market or secondhand store.
• Get a band for around the hat and sunglasses to get an Audrey Hepburn look.

• Grant's gun is homemade piece of pipe and tin with some wood on it.
• Vintage with a regular black suit.

Lola as Wonder Woman & Joaquin as Two-Face

• For the all-time greatest female DC Comics super hero, we use a red tank or body suit as the base for this costume and added a blue skirt and cape. Here we sewed one out of star-studded fabric, but you could also embellish solid-blue fabric with white star stickers.
• Again we used our favorite cheat when you don't want to hand sew or appliqué embellishments - we decorated the red top with gold fabric using iron-on fuse tape called Stitch Witchery.
• Of course Wonder Woman has to have her bullet-deflecting bracelets, which we've made from gold Lycra fabric, agolden lasso (a piece of gold rope), and a crown.
• For the boots, we've added a stripe of white duct tape to each.

• This costume is really fun to make, and clearly displays the supervillian's two sides.
• Here we've used red electrical tape, which is fabric-safe, to make stripes that delineate half of a suit coat.
• We've also sewn two shirts and ties together, but you could just as easily cut half of a shirt and glue or tape it over half of another shirt.

• You could also easily paint half a shirt and tie, too.
• The fun element here is the crazy wig and make-up. You can see the detail of the acid incident on his face. And the wig was just one wig that was originally a mad scientist-like wig. We've trimmed half of it down, and painted one side gray.
• Two-face also has his trademark coin for flipping.

These homemade costumes were created by Baby Center.

For more information visit: www.babycenter.com and their blog at http://blogs.babycenter.com/life_and_home/diy-family-costumes/

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