Disney FamilyFun's 19th Annual Toy of the Year Awards

Disney FamilyFun's 19th Annual Toy of the Year Awards

Toy testers assessed the quality, value, and fun factor of hundreds of toys to create a list of 30 kid-and-parent-approved winners. For more information visit www.FamilyFun.com

Top 10 FamilyFun T.O.Y. Award Winners for 2010:

  1. Sing-a-Ma-Jigs! from Mattel, $13 each
    Ages: 3 & up
    Six cute critters who sing, harmonize, and chatter with just a push of their plush bodies.

  2. Creationary from Lego, $35
    Ages: 7 & Up
    A new take on Legos, players draw cards and build objects while other players race to guess what he/she is building.

  3. Plastic Bag Monsters from 4M, $9
    Ages: 8 & Up
    A kit for kids to build a cool marionette monster from recycled bags, beads, bottle caps and more.

  4. iXL from Fisher-Price, $80
    Ages: 3 & Up
    An on-the-go digital reader for the preschool crowd allowing tiny tikes to upload music and photos as well as practice critical skills including math, reading and writing.

  5. Squap from Diggin Active, $25
    Ages: 6-8
    Play catch with a twist: players use a mitt which snaps open and closed to launch and catch the ball (and storing it when the game's not in use).

  6. B. Meowsic from B., $30
    Ages: 2 & Up
    An electric piano with keys in the shape of a cat's grin, this keyboard lets kids hit the high notes and the meow notes. The meow feature is what truly sets this instrument apart.

  7. Hexbug Nano Habitat Set from Innovation First, $30
    Ages: 3 & Up
    A race track for creepy crawler robots, this building set lets kids construct a track and watch two insect-like creatures careen through the course's twists and turns.

  8. Glossy Bands from Klutz, $20
    Ages: 8 & Up
    Think gimp for the next generation. With just a bit of drying time, kids can create beautiful bracelets and rings from the colorful gel found in this kit.

  9. Dance Star Mickey from Fisher-Price, $70
    Ages: 10 months-3
    Mickey moves, grooves and shakes to six different beats, and will challenge any play mate to a game of Mickey says or freeze dance.

  10. Paper Jamz Drums from WowWee, $25
    Ages: 8-11
    This musical set will keep both parents and kids happy - aspiring rock stars can practice their solos while keeping the noise level down. Plus, it's small enough to stash almost anywhere.

FamilyyFun ToyHopper App:
FamilyFun's new ToyHopper app for Apple's iPhone and iPad allows parents to complete all of their holiday and birthday shopping while on-the-go. The app filters over 250 toys by age, price, type of product, and even theme - from pirates and princesses to bikes for tykes - and allows users to purchase products on the spot through Amazon.com. All of the products recommended in the ToyHopper app were selected by FamilyFun editors as well as parent and kid testers, who evaluated quality, value, and fun.