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"Fantasy Camp, Part 1 & 2"

In the first half-hour, Jay has told Michael that she's sending him to Michael Jordan's fantasy basketball camp, where he and others will have the chance to play a game with the sports legend. Michael is obsessed about the trip and spends all of his time figuring out how he's going to beat Michael at his own game. But Jay has another surprise in store for him -- she figures out a way to have the whole family go to Las Vegas too.

In the second half-hour, Michael goes to extreme measures to ensure he gets his turn to play Jordan one-on-one. Back at the casino, Jay recruits Franklin to give her some pointers on winning at the blackjack table, but their antics result in the youngster being apprehended by the security team. Meanwhile Jr., who has been assigned -- or rather punished -- to babysit Kady, decides he wants to go to a magic show by magician Harry Blacktop Jackson (Alan Thicke), so he finds a sitter in the yellow pages -- not realizing that Bambi the babysitter is actually from an escort service. And Tony and Claire contemplate getting married and encounter the Rev. Al (Al Sharpton), who gives them quite an earful about the pros and cons of marriage.