Fun Car Games for Kids

Carley Roney, Editor-in-Chief of featured some fun games to play with your kids while traveling over the holiday weekend.

License Plate Game

Print out a map of US, give each child a map and a marker and as they see different license plates while driving, mark them off on the map. This may take a long time to complete which will keep them busy.

Geography Game

Name a state or country or place on a map, the next player must think of a place that starts with a letter the last word ended with. For example: player says says Arkansas, next says San Francisco, etc.

What Am I?

Write things different things on post it notes. Each child takes a turn sticking the note to their forehead. The note may say DUCK. The kid with the note stuck on them asks questions until he guesses what he is. For example: He may say: "Am I an animal?", "Do I live in the forest?", "What sound do I make?", etc.

What If I?

Think of questions to ask your kids that are fun and though provoking. For example: "If you could only eat one food what would it be?", "If you could only watch one TV show, what would it be?", "What would you bring to a deserted Island?", etc.

Treasure Hunt

Take empty water bottles and fill with birdseed or rice and add 5 to 10 things to find. They should be different colors. For example :a coin, an erasure, a piece of candy, a lego, anything really. Kids have to turn and twist bottles to get the items to appear.

1 Truth, 1 Lie

A child thinks of 2 statements about is true, the other is false. Other children have to guess which one is true. For example: "My favorite subject is Math", "My Favorite food is broccoli", etc.

Don't forget these classics:

Bubble Gum Blowing Contest
Thumb Wrestling
Name That Tune