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Congratulations to James Sterenczak from Red Bank, New Jersey who won "Best Costume Photo"!

The grand prize includes a trip for two (2) to New York, an opportunity to attend the taping of the October 29, 2010 "Halloween" show and participate in the in-studio costume contest and a Hartmann luggage package valued at $2000!
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Our Annual Halloween show wouldn't be complete without our Annual Halloween Costume Contest. This year it's bigger and better than ever. This year the Grand Prize Winner will receive a $15,000 Gift Card from HomeGoods and the runner-up will receive $1,000.

To be eligible: put on your best costume and come to our studio (located on the corner of 67th & Columbus in New York City) by 8AM on Friday, October 29, 2010 for a chance to win. Click here for the Official Rules.

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WATCH this year's Halloween segments and our favorite moments from Halloweens past!

Halloween Door Décor
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Thank you to Chassie Post for these stylish door tips!

Handy Door

  • This is a really fun way to bring trick or treaters to your door.
  • This is a great family project. This door has clear vinyl gloves that are filled with jelly beans and candy corns, that are secured on the other side of the door with some simple duct tape.
  • Another way to make your porch or door feel festive is to wrap ribbon around your columns or banister.
  • Place hands creeping out of candy bins and pumpkins. You can also place these hands around the house. If you choose not to eat the candy, you can totally save these for next year.

Harvest Door

  • This door is as perfect for Halloween as it is for Thanksgiving.
  • What we love about this door is that you can put this up in mid-October and leave it up until November. It is a timeless and classic look.
  • This looks pretty elaborate but it's actually quite easy. We used a fall leaf garland. These are fake but look incredibly real, are very inexpensive, and you can use them again year after year.
  • This door is really inspired by harvest which is about abundance and giving thanks so we took this cornucopia basket which is the epitome of Thanksgiving and we hung it on the door and added miniature pumpkins and baby gourds.
  • Plus an added bonus! You can transition this decoration indoors for your Thanksgiving décor.

Painted Door

  • This is totally a mod take on Halloween.
  • You can completely change the feel of your home by simply painting the door. We went with a modern orange here and anyone can do this. There is very little time involved. Set aside a few hours on the weekend and make it a fun, family project. We chose orange but it's not just for Halloween - it references a retro modern 50's look but works well if your house is traditional or modern.
  • The painted door gives the exterior of your home an instant facelift. Try any color that you love.
  • We hung feather wreaths on the door as well. Wreaths are incredibly versitile - not just for Christmas. We chose feathers because they're a big trend in home and fashion right now. You can also use candy corns, traditional evergreens (spray-painted black), miniature pumpkins, or whatever inspires you. You can use this inside to decorate, on a wreath stand or as a centerpiece with a floral arrangement.
  • We tacked these up with adhesive hooks that stick on your door - no worries they won't damage your door. You can just pull these off when you're done.

Hitchcock Door

  • This is for all of the Hitchcock fans who are inspired by Hitchcock's "The Birds". Plus who doesn't love a witch on Halloween?
  • Starting with the door we have a mesh curtain that we duct taped to the inside of our screen door. This gives you a spooky silhouette that you can hang in the window, on a wall, or use as a tablecloth for under $20. Plus, if you are crafty you can get a similar look by cutting out silhouettes of any spooky creature you like.
  • Pick up branches from your local flower market or your backyard and place them in some buckets with rocks to hold them in place. You can also add faux black crows and orange pom-poms.
  • There are amazing faux pumpkins out there that you can actually carve and they last year after year.

Vampire Door

  • This is more of a grown-up Halloween door.
  • This looks incredibly elaborate but really takes very little time.
  • With some fabric we created a giant vampire cape. We hung a curtain rod and hung some fabric from the curtain rod. With some excess fabric and cardboard we created an enormous vampire collar and affixed it to the top of the door. We topped it off with a spooky skeleton mask and added a vampire coffin.

Mummy Door

  • We placed a big gothic arch, made of foam, over the door and covered it with Spanish moss.
  • Then add spooky trees with orange holiday lights to give that Halloween feel.
  • Place mummies at each side to stand guard at the door.

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Thank you to Elizabeth Mayhew, Editor-in-Chief of Woman's Day Magazine. More information, including these delicious cupcake recipes, can be found on www.womansday.com.

Creative Cupcakes

Candy Corn Creations

For more information on how to make your own Candy Corn Creations, please visit www.womansday.com.

Pumpkin Alternatives
To watch today's Halloween Segment click here!

Thanks to Deb Geigis Berry, Contributing Editor from FamilyFun magazine, for today's alternative pumpkin tips! Disney FamilyFun's October issue and Halloween Special Edition feature fun and unique ways to spruce up the inside of your home or front stoop - all with inexpensive items from nature, the grocery store, or the junk drawer in your home.

To carve or not to carve? Take your pick: FamilyFun has clever designs, simple projects, and tasty treats to make in a bat the eye. These gourd-geous gourds and pumpkin alternatives are fun for the whole family -- even the littlest kids can get involved.

*Check out Disney FamilyFun's Halloween Special Issue to see how to create the Frankenstein, Witch, and Mummy gourds (pages 10-11).

FamilyFun magazine has long been a go-to source for fun, inexpensive and simple crafts for kids. With the recent introduction of FamilyFun craft kits, it's even easier to take activities from the magazine's pages straight to kids' hands. Available via the FamilyFun.com Kit Store, the new line of Halloween-themed kits contain everything kids need to craft themselves. Kits include: Creepy Creatures, Pumpkin Pals, Masks, Tattoos, Treat Bags, Halloween Stepping Stone, Tie-Dye, Balloons, and Spooktacular Puppets.

Kids of LIVE! Halloween Fashion Show
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Toy Story 3
Deborah Raptis, Producer
Kids: Logan and Amanda

Woody and Jessie

  • Start with jeans, a red bandana, and cowboy boots
  • Buy some fake cow print material and make a vest and chaps
  • If you don't have a shirt like Woody's trademark yellow shirt, dye a light-colored plaid flannel yellow, like we did here
  • For Jessie's shirt, use a white cotton collared button shirt and appliqué a yolk and cuffs; you can use flat red piping to make a decorative curly design like Jessie

Mrs. Potato Head

  • Buy 2-1/2 yards of light brown vinyl and cut a potato shape with a hole in center for the head; you can either sew or hot glue the seams on the side (it just slips over your head)
  • Use 1" foam for mouth, nose, ears and eyes. Spray paint the body parts (i.e., mouth red) and use ping pong balls for earrings; use Velcro to attach the body parts
  • Wear red tights and shoes and an old white shirt underneath
  • Add a floppy hat, and we bought cartoon gloves from the costume shop but any white gloves would work
  • *If mom or dad's costume calls for gloves, you want to make sure they aren't restricting. You'll need your hands free when out trick or treating to help keep the kids safe.

Family of Ghouls
Jan Schillay, Producer
Kids: Luke and Caden


  • For an adult costume, use about 3 yards of black material and fold it in half, cut a hole for the neck, make bellowed sleeves use the remnants for a hood belt it with an old piece of rope tie
  • Make a ragged edge using scissors, no need to sew a hem on the bottom
  • Decorate with gauze, available at your local fabric store
  • Accessorize with scythes

80's Rock/Glam Rock Band
Michael Gelman, Executive Producer & Laurie Gelman
Kids: Jamie and Misha

80's Rock/Glam Rock Band

  • Michael had the tank top and belt but Laurie had to find his pants at a costume store. She also had to buy the wig.
  • For Jamie they used her own vest, t-shirt and a pair of pants and gloves from an old costume.
  • Misha is wearing her own leggings, boots and tank top and a Soul Cycle bandana
  • Laurie had just about everything for her outfit in her closet. She used clothing that was black and fitted and put it together.
  • Laurie wanted to do over the knee boots but couldn't find any she liked so she just used thigh high socks to get the same look.
  • The final touch, they all teased their hair and put gobs of make-up on and accessorized with leather jewelry and musical instruments.

Mad Scientist and her Creation
Michele Champagne, Make-up Artist
Kids: Emma

Mad Scientist and her Creation

  • Purchase basic lab coat from a uniform store.
  • They bought the extra head at CVS and glued it on.
  • She did her own hair and used goggles from home.
  • Emma's costume is the Frankenstein costume from the store.

"Chucky", "Chucky Jr.", "Bride of Chucky"
and "Chucky's sister" ("Mini Bride of Chucky")

Kelly Ripa, Host & Mark Consuelos
Kids: Lola and Joaquin

"Chucky", "Chucky Jr."

  • Chucky costumes are super easy. Find an old pair of overalls and splatter them with red acrylic paint.
  • Sew on some red buttons
  • Buy matching cheap striped shirts
  • Chucky wore red sneakers with red stripes - if you don't own them, consider dying white shoes with RIT dye and using electrician's tape to make the stripes
  • Splatter red paint on a plastic axe
  • Buy wig or use colored hairspray and tease it if your hair is long enough
  • The real magic is in the makeup application. Look up an image of Chucky to use as a reference so you get an accurate look

"Bride of Chucky" and "Chucky's sister"

  • Use an old wedding dress, super (young brides can use an old flower girl’s dress) or you can usually pick one up at a thrift store
  • The wedding dress can also be made from a lace top paired with a satin skirt
  • Add a motorcycle jacket
  • Wear black leather boots
  • Tease your hair and play up details with makeup

Create great costumes for your baby! Visit www.babycenter.com for more details.

  • Homemade Halloween costume essentials: BabyCenter has great tips to help you setup your Halloween costume workshop. Simply raid your closets, your junk drawer and your basement! With these everyday items on hand, the only limit is your imagination.
  • Halloween Safety Tips: Goodies. Goblins. Things that go bump in the night. Introducing your child to Halloween can be the start of a great tradition. But nothing can turn fun into fright faster than an accident. Parents can follow simple tips from BabyCenter to ensure a fun time out on the town with their little one.
  • How to plan a great Halloween party: With just a few tricks, you can treat your kids and their friends to a party they won't soon forget. Here are tips for creating a perfectly spooky setting, a menu of ghastly goodies, and plenty of mischievous merriment.
  • Names Inspired by Halloween: Halloween is a time for imagination, costumes, sweets, mischief, and fright! Check out these baby names that have a fun, Halloween flavor.

Hair and Make-Up Tips from the Pros
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LIVE!s very own make-up artist Michelle Champagne and hair stylist Diane D'Agostino are featured on Family.com for a Halloween hair and make-up tip tell-all! For tips and photos visit Family.com

To watch all of the Halloween Segments click here!

The dancers in our Glee spoof were wearing Morphsuits. Morphsuits, the costume craze taking the U.S. by storm. Why? Because life is more fun in color! See through them, drink through them, party in them. www.morphsuits.com